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Gift From Nepal To The World,

"For us, By Us, Through Us" On 28th April 2010, a small yet powerful group of youth activists united and brought a small community-based organization to improve and upgrade their community. What started, as a rule, to provide whatever necessary changes by themself rather than relying upon others, this community soon realized the big picture and was legally registered as World Friendship Organization on 07th august 2017. As most of them were youth, they realized the necessity of establishing reliable…

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W.F.O in its period keeps its mission to serve all humanity in an equal way. It will attempt to end numerous social problems raised in the past and make the possibility zero that it will rise again. It will teach to end negativity, racism, caste system, and explain to support each other by themselves. Also, our goal is to distribute high-impact, cost-effective, Friendship, entertainment, and culturally competent capacity-building curriculum to all the people particularly focusing on youths.

W.F.O. envisions seeing its homeland Nepal where Nepalese people are living in unity, a friendly environment with proper sanitation, access to basic Education, Entertainment, and a society where the social problems are destructed. This concludes with an Awake Youth Society. We also have a vision of a world where there is friendship all over.

⇒  Develop  friendship,

⇒  Assist the concerned bodies to eradicate social problems, etc., in society.

⇒  To conduct entertainment programs,

⇒  To conduct various public awareness programs, seminars, conferences, interactive discussion programs,

  To conduct programs for positive change and social security and peace for the society and to prepare the relevant skilled manpower,

⇒  To conduct emergency relief camps,

  To conduct various experimental camps and practice programs and conducting public awareness educational programs,

⇒  To create and nurture various programs to raise the living standards of the economically weaker people,

  To assist the concerned bodies to eradicate social problems, etc., in society and 

⇒  And operation of information centers, training centers, libraries, etc.

“One Friendship Can Change the World.” I have great pleasure in introducing the enthusiast youths to our World Friendship Organization (WFO). The Organization reflects our vision to create an awake youth society in the world with leadership quality in Industrialization, innovation, and entrepreneurship.WFO is different from other NGOs in a lot of ways. One of the unique features is DRP the concept of Donation Return Policy undertaken by our Members. This Supports them to solve issues within their own community.…

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Membership open for 2021

World Friendship OrganizationKathmandu, Nepal2021/01/01 Subject: New Membership open Dear friends, This is to notify you that the membership department has […]

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