Message From Founder, For the Love of all the youths in the world:

On behalf of our great Team, I would like to welcome you to the World Friendship Organization. We are always at your service, working with passion and dedication to offering you an excellent service since 2010.

As a social youth activist since I was 14 years old, I have had the experience of working in around this field fairly perfectly as possible. Here, in the beginning, I have worked with many other social activists which were very less at the time I have started and a bit uncommon in the context of Nepal.

In my experience, I think that all the popular organizations that have been working in the youth/ Social field are a bit old now and we need something big and exciting for a change now. This is where the World Friendship organization comes in place. What this does is that unlike other social organizations that have a tendency to take donations and work for their and the communities, we introduce a donation return policy. We believe in “For Us, By Us, Through Us”. This helps in all the sectors that have problems and solves the major issues in my homeland Nepal. 

Now, at last, I would like to spread this message to all the youths that are available for now to join us. Together we can bring the change. Our motto is that “One friendship can change the world” which if you think deeply, then you will find it very true. If it just takes one friendship for a change, then let’s be united and work for a revolutionary new change in the whole world. Believe us that is the only thing you must provide us and we ensure a lot in return.